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Boring Cutter, Turning Tool, Lathe Turning Tools - Hon Jan Cutting Tool Manufacturer

Hon Jan Cutting Tools Manufacturer specializes in turning tool, lathe turning tools, milling cutter and boring cutters applied for self-made machines offering coordinated services with own brands including boring bars, toolholder, threading cutter and more.
A comprehensive range of Shan Gin Cutting Tools provide a best total solution to any of your manufacturing needs.
Our engineers all come from a technical and application background in order to provide technical advice & support, practical experience and new ideas. We have the widest products such as toolholders, boring bars, turning tools, small tools, threading, grooving, boring tools, millings, face mill, shell mills, modular type mills, high-speed drills, CNC cartridges, etc.
All contribute to your general machining applications. Our mission is to Perfect Your Need in total solutions for metal cutting machining.

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